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Web Profit Projector
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"Web Business Planner is the easiest piece of software I have come across, I dont have to worry about an excel spread sheet any more. Fantastic"
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"Turn Your Web SITE,
that Costs You Money
 Into a Web BUSINESS ... for Profit.
Start Today ... by Planning It "

"Attention: Savvy Entrepreneurs & Business Owners !!"


WARNING: Don't Spend Another Dollar on Your Website Until You Have Read This VERY Important Message to Unlock YOUR
TRUE POTENTIAL for Web Success

A Simple, Sensible Software Program that Costs Less Than $100 Could Turn Your Entire Web Business Profit and Loss Around ... Read On Now and Find Out How ...



- Start Creating Profit By Marketing and Selling
with a Plan on the Net

YES! That’s Right, Turn Your Web SITE, that
Costs You Money Into

a Web BUSINESS for Profit ... Starting TODAY!

Dear Frustrated Web Business Owner, Jennie Armato Web Profit Projector

Are you like I once was ... wondering why some people in business seem to make money no matter what and others seem to struggle along, wondering what heck they are doing wrong? Well, there's one BIG difference between the two types of business owners and you're about to discover what it is! This could truly be ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGES and insights into Web Success you ever receive about HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE your web business success and your "hip-profit". If you want more than you're currently get out of your web marketing and sales, I can totally relate ... and feel your frustration. Hello, I'm Jennie Armato and I'm Head of Coaching and Web Success Mentoring at Web Business Academy. I've personally been running my own businesses on the net since 1996 (yeah I know, that's REALLY way-back) and I've been coaching business owners and web entrepreneurs on marketing, sales, business and selling structures and systems for web business success since 2004. So I really DO understand where you're at right now! AND, I'm here to help you in every way that I can, starting with this proprietary and powerful blueprint and software program I'm about to reveal to you that will help plan your web income and most importantly, your web profits.

I know what you have been striving for and what you've gone through to get to this point. And I consider you a friend, because anyone as persistent as I am to make the web business opportunity work most definitely is of kindred entrepreneurial spirit and therefore a friend with a common interest.

If you are continuing to read this page, then you must be seriously looking for answers. Well, the Good News is you've FINALLY found someone that's interested and focused on giving you the Answers AND the Solutions you need to help turn your web site that is Costing you money into a Profit Producing Web Business.

ProfitProjectorDVDCaseStandingClosedLet me to share my Web Business Success System that I developed as a result of my own web sucesses (and failures). This very Simple Formula has been essential to help guide me and my clients who have utilised it to generate new, better AND highly qualified customers... and also be able to help Forecast the all important Profitability of a business.

This Web Business Success System is infact a software program that helps you forecast your profits and potential losses on marketing and selling any product online BEFORE YOUR MONEY GOES DOWN THE DRAIN- whether it's a physical product or an electronic product that you can download. Whether it's an ebook or software program you are selling or if it's a model car or even real estate being sold over the web, the Success System will work for them all.


This system is called the "Web PROFIT Projector" and it's a software program you can download immediately from the web and start using today. At less than $100, it's the cheapest yet the most powerful software program you will EVER buy to plan, measure and 'collect the cash' from your marketing and sales profits online.

Instantly Download Your Very Own Web PROFIT Projector software Now >>

Let me show you more insights into how the Web Profit Projector works. Firstly, let me show you the Blueprint for Web Profit. This blueprint might be a bit overwhelming when you first see it . This Blueprint is 'deep' as it's developed on the back of 9 years of experience marketing and selling on the internet. It was in 2005 that I developed it and it still stands relevant in today's online market and conditions. Why? BECAUSE IT'S BUILD ON TIME-TESTED, PROVEN PRINCIPLES of marketing and sales and how they work in the online world. Although many 'fancy' things have happened on the web over the past few years, the processes of marketing and selling have not changed. Certainly the different facilities and services have evolved, but the process of creating profit that is sustainable over the long term has not changed! If you do not understand all of this right away - dont worry, shortly you will have absolute clarity about it. It's a solidly-constructed Blueprint and that means there's real meaning and substance to it.


You'll notice there are 5 boxes in this blueprint. Each of these boxes represents a PHASE in developing your web-based marketing, sales and of course, Profit. Each Phase is sequential and follows the one prior to it. Running from top to bottom, your marketing and sales plan starts with Phase 1 and runs through to Phase 5. You will notice the arrows running for 4 of the Phases (the ones on the left) into the Phase - Phase 3 which is on the right. There is a reason for that, a very significant one which I will explain shortly.

I want to get started with my own Web PROFIT Projector software Now >>


Now, take a sneak peak inside the software program "Web Profit Projector" and discover how Phase 1 "Generate Immediate Sales" works and the critical Questions and Answers you need to know to determine if indeed you will make a profit!

Wouldn't it be great to know if your Product Marketing and Sales Online is likely to be Profitable BEFORE you invest your hard earned dollars and Time into it?

How much heartache (and Lost Money) WILL this software now save you? A solution like this is worth thousands of dollars, but it's not anywhere near that much to buy! It's not even hundreds of dollars!

It's less than $100 to buy AND you own the software outright! JUST UNHEARD OF THESE DAYS!

If you would like a Sneak Peak of how it works, here is a small piece from the instruction video Demonstration Video of Phase 1 for you to watch. When you purchase your very own copy of the Web Profit Projector software program, this video tutorial comes with it. The entire video covers Phases 1-5, in this shorten version, you'll see how it works in Phase 1.

Powerful Isn't It!! It Should Cost THOUSANDS, but it doesn't even cost $100 - it's LESS THAN $100

Now that you have seen JUST Phase 1 of the Web Profit Projector software program, you have a great Insight into how simple the system works, that even a complete beginner can operate it.

Get Started on the road to Greater Web Profit and Success Right Now >>

Now, it's Time to Ask Yourself this Question...

How many hours have YOU lost sifting through all the ka-fuffle and burning money on endless course and programs, web designers, technicians and developers - only to end up more confused and more out of pocket than when you first started?

Thanks to the structured, planned and systematic approach that you have just seen in the Blueprint and the demo video above, you can be empowered in the full knowledge of how you can Plan the Profit from your Marketing and Sales processes online AND you can equip yourself with the tool (software program) that will enable you to learn more in a step-by-step format and complete each part quickly, cheaply and easily.

YES! Jen I am Ready to Put More Profit In My Pocket Starting Now >>

It is just as Important knowing when Not to start investing significant time into a Product when there is no viable income potential, (and I bet you would have liked to have known that information in the past) rather than hoping and second-guessing like I did for so many years of wasted Time, Money and Hope.

This Simple Formula and System within the Web Profit Projector software helps solve all of that and provides you with a clear picture and plan to develop a viable, profitable web business.



You are certainly NOT Alone with your quest for sustainable Web Profit!

JenfulllengthI speak to THOUSANDS of Web Business Owners from all around the world and this experience of unknowing, uncertainty and loss is something I hear from many of them ... over and over and over again.

And that is why I have FINALLY released my proprietary Web Profit Projector software - it's a Game Plan and a Road Map that any Web Business Owner who dreams of creating one of more profitable web businesses can follow.

It's also ideal if it's your goal or dream to develop a large amount of income from marketing and selling on the web. You might infact have a personal goal to replace your current source/s of income with income from the web. This software is the beginning of how I can help you achieve that - you just have to get started with me and your first tool for web success - the Web Profit Projector.

I am READY NOW to Plan for Profit >>

And Guess What ... I have some REALLY GOOD NEWS!

The solution - the Web Profit Projector is NOT another "How-To" Book.”

That's right, the Web Profit Projector is a software program, it operates in Microsoft Excel and it comes with a full video tutorial as well as instructions to install and operate it. You also get access to our support team by email or phone, if you want any extra help with getting going on your own PC.

Best news of all, it's less than $100 - THAT is a Crazy-Cheap price for software that can help transform your web business and life!

I want to install it on my PC now >>



BEFORE You Launch Your Next Product on the web

"I know this has just whet your appetite and you really want to know if your idea or products/s CAN make money on the web. "How Do I Find Out?" I hear you ask (well you have already had a 'sneak peak' with the blueprint and video on this page). Of course you want to know and you don't want to wait until you're a month, 6 months or a even year in to it before you discover you've wasted a WHOLE BUNCH of time and money ... right? The answers you want to know and you need to know can be found by using the step-by-step Web Profit Projector software program, so you can get 'in the know'.

Do you know HOW to test your idea for selling on the internet? AND Do you know what information you NEED to make an assessment of your target market potential?

Well, unlike any other time in the history of business, you can gather market intelligence within minutes, test it within a few days and readily be able to determine the probable profitability according to the data you collect.

Sounds pretty Amazing right?

Well it's actually quite Simple and with the power of the internet that's Exactly what You can do when you KNOW HOW to do it.

You can identify potential markets, ready for you to service and sell to Quickly and Easily - if you know how.

Now, the Web Business Planner is NOT an idea machine. Creativity and ideas, I am afraid are borne from imagination. (Try a quiet Inspirational location with Pen and Paper - It works for me!):

So what else can the Web Profit Projector do for me - Well here is a small sample of some of it's capabilities:

  • Set an annual income goal and find out if it's achievable within a few short days from now.
  • Determine suitable marketplaces and products, according to profitability potential.
  • Plan product promotion strategies.
  • Assess potential income using various marketing options (The Web Business Planner Business Model shows you 5 Phases to drive traffic, forecast sales and develop repeat sales.)
  • Generate a monthly forecast to get you on track and keep you on track.
  • Produce monthly and annual reports for potential or anticipated income.
  • PLUS, Much MORE...


ProfitProjectorDVDCaseStandingClosedHere's how it works:

The 5 MOST IMPORTANT Income Streams

You Need to Build Wealth on the Web

You know there’s plenty of ways you can use the internet to create income. BUT as you may already know, not all of the ways work or work well. Many are not sustainable fot the long term nor can build your wealth either.

The Web Profit Projector focuses your attention on THE 5 MOST IMPORTANT and POWERFUL Income Building and Wealth-creating Revenue Models. You learn what each one is and how they fit together as a Formula for creating Profit.

The Secret to Success and Wealth on the Web IS to have a

Plan for it to happen to You!

I have been mentoring web business owners on the principles and laws for success in business - particularly on the web, since 2004. I have drawn all my 'power' to support and inspire people from the words of the "Godfather of Personal and Business Achievement" ... Napoleon Hill. You may know of him from some of his books including "Think and Grow Rich", "Law of Success" and "Secrets to Personal Achievement".

Many of today's great sales leaders, like Brian Tracy and Bob Proctor attribute their work to the work of Napoleon Hill.

Here's what Dr Hill says about the importance and significance of having a Plan.


“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and

begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this

plan into action.”

Napoleon Hill

The Plan you are about to execute using the Web Profit Projector software is simplified into 5 Phases or Steps - each one designed to develop another stream of income. They five phases are:

Phase 1 Generate Direct Immediate Sales

eg: Online Adverts to sell today

Phase 2 Create Delayed Sales

eg: Opt In Facility on your web site to sell later

Phase 3 Repeat Sales

eg: Subsequent Offers via email to sell again and again

Phase 4 Develop Continued Sales

eg: Recruit Affiliates and Resellers on performance-based commission to sell for you, commissionable only

Phase 5 Put Together Joint Venture Deals

eg: Others’ Mailing Lists such as an e-zine to sell for you, commissionable only

The Web Profit Projector is a Planning Tool that is simply a must-have if you are serious about being a leading Web Business Entrepreneur too - WITH PROFIT IN YOUR POCKET!

The Planner allows you to forecast Profit Potential in ALL of The 5 Phases of Income and it's really simple to use. By answering just a few questions about your marketplace, your product price point, the fees for selling you will pay and other similar information, with just a 'click of the button', the Planner produces a pro forma income statement - forecasting your profit for the following month and year. A graph and a chart of your profit over loss and an annualised projection of anticipated income are also included in the reporting function of the Web Profit Projector software. You simply answer a few questions which you already know the answer for and the projector does the rest - you simply click to find out - how much profit can I make?

I'm ready to Find out How Much Profit I will make >>


With Microsoft Excel, the Web Profit Projector is ready to use in seconds!

When you combine the projected income and profit across the five phases explained and outlined in the Web Profit Projector over a 12 month period, you have the edge over other marketers on the internet because you can identify what WILL work before you 'blow your bucks' so you move forward with a plan, not your fingers-crossed in hope.

It cannot be made any simpler and easier to use. All you need is Microsoft 'Excel' to run the Web Profit Planner software on your PC. You will be developing profit projections within minutes of opening it up. And whenyou follow the step-by-step video instructions, you create the answers you want.

How much do you think a program like this could potentially help you to make in your web business? And how much do you think a program like this could potentially save you? With those two questions in mind, how much do you think a program like this is worth? This software program is worth many thousands of $$$.... Right!!

Well together with the Team at Web Business Academy, we are making a Special Introductory Offer available to you for a Limited Time that is a fraction of that investment to help you keep (and make) more money in your pocket.



For just $97 (which is probably less than a good night out with the family),

ask yourself ... Can You Afford to NOT have this software program?

<< Secure Your Own PROFIT PROJECTOR Software Now >>


Once you download your copy, you'll be able to start on your way to Web Business Profit today!

There's simply no other product like it available so readily and so affordable for web business to use ... PLUS you can immediately download a comprehensive tutorial to help you maximize the true value of Web Business Planning software program.


"I LOVE The WBP! I was going to TRY creating my own plan on a spread sheet. I popped your CD into my laptop and found that your program was exactly what I was wanting."

Anna Johnson, Melbourne Australia


By simply following and answering the questions, it is easy to get a complete overview of what IS POSSIBLE with your new business before you even invest a cent on advertising or product creation.

It's EASY to see the BIG picture on how to plan the phases of a REAL business in a virtual landscape that can create a potential lifetime stream of income. It really is the simplest method I've ever seen on how to quickly evaluate the potential profitability of a business.

It's like a cash-flow projection in a nutshell without having to spend hours and days crunching the numbers. And here's the real kicker,, once you have done an adwords campaign, you can use real life stats and ad costs to give you a very clear guideline of what's probable.

Of course a lot depends on your sales letter, but you can always tweak that.

Dean Workman, Ontario, Canada


This gives you automatic direction. It allows you to gain a realistic perception of what your product can do on its own and what effort you will need to meet your outcome in dollars.

It's also Great for guiding your goal setting process. It allows you to "aim for the stars." Great work guys....this is exciting thanks for the opportunity to be a part of it.

Krissy Wright, Newcastle Australia

Here's to Your Hip-Profit in the coming year!



IMPORTANT NOTE YOU MUST READ: This web site and its products do not guarantee you can make a profit from your idea or in your business. This web site and its products are for business and product planning purposes only. We have no control, influence or claim over the variables of your chosen market nor how you conduct your business. These critical factors directly affect your outcome. No claim for success or failure can be made by you about this web site and it's products.

By proceeding to purchase, you accept these terms and conditions and release us of any responsibility or accountability for your results.