Eliminate Debt - Simply Living Debt Free

Eliminate Debt - Simply Living Debt Free
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You Don't Have To Live a Life Filled With Stress And Anxiety From Being Over Worked and Over Loaded with Debt.
Be Happy, Debt Free And Create The Life You Desire...
It's Simple When You Know How!

You MUST take control of your life and make changes NOW to
Eliminate Crippling Debt and Live Simply with Peace of Mind...

Re: "Eliminating Debt, Simply Living Debt Free"
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Debt Consolidation Instant Download eBook + FREE BONUS Audio Program

Don't just think about it! Take action and take control of your life before you suffocate in a mountain of debt!

When you are in control, you are able to overcome obstacles and identify capabilities deep inside you that until now, you did not know existed!

Debt Elimination - Simply Living Debt Free is your essential guide to evaluating your life as it is right now and identifying the changes you need to make in the most important areas to gain back control of your life. Whether you're struggling financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually, this must have manual provides a wealth of specific strategies you can use now to re-route your life's road map and live the life you always dreamed of living!

If you don't want Life to be a Constant Struggle then this could be the most important letter you ever read...

Dear Friend,

In these uncertain times where stock markets have been crashing, mortgage defaults are high, people getting retrenched and businesses are going under, it is no wonder most people are more worried than ever about how they are going to make ends meet, pay the bills and put food on the table, particularly with high levels of crippling consumer debt.

It does not have to be all Doom and Gloom. You really can take control of your situation and live a comfortable lifestyle when you know how...

"Debt Elimination - Simply Living Debt Free" can show you how to get out of the debt trap and give you peace of mind so you can enjoy life, even in these challenging economic times.

Today's world is so focussed on immediate gratification and hyperconsumerism that many people have forgotten how to really enjoy life. They don't even know how to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life that can give so much more meaning and fulfillment to their lives.

People are spending an inordinate amount of time at their jobs and they are constantly scrambling to keep up. That leaves little time left for family and friends - and they certainly don't have time left over for themselves! Many have abandoned their personal values for the sake of "appearing wealthy". Their vital capacities of life are suffering and they don't even realize it is happening. Is it any wonder we are experiencing a Global Credit Crisis, fuelled by high levels of consumer debt that has been all too easy to get.

In a world where spending tomorrow's earnings and cash has become the norm, it's hard to imagine a life with financial, mental, physical and spiritual peace. But don't be fooled. Simplifying your life and living a 'better life' filled with purpose is at your fingertips. All it requires is taking control of your finances and your vital capacities of life (it's not as difficult as you may think).

Unfortunately most people don't know how to slow down long enough to take control of their own lives. They continue on the treadmill and rat-race of life day in and day out - experiencing little joy and fulfillment with where and how they spend their time. They're so busy trying to keep up with everyone else, that they lose themselves and their own identity.

Today's "I've got to have it now" mentality is robbing tens of thousands of people from enjoying life. The stress and anxiety from being over-worked and loaded with debt takes a toll - yet they keep on doing what they are doing. They feel Trapped! (does this sound familiar?)

If they keep on doing what they are doing, they'll keep on getting what they have been getting - deeper in debt and more stressed!

Isn't it time to make a change?

It's about Simple living. It's not about things; it's about beliefs and principles and making some simple changes in your life. We talk about four major areas of life associated with "wealth" in this empowering book:

  1. Financial wealth
  2. Mental (emotional) wealth
  3. Physical wealth
  4. Spiritual wealth

All of these areas of your life are interrelated and interconnected in some way (if they are not aligned you could find yourself crippled with a serious debt problem). How "wealthy" you are in each area is most likely determined by your values and goals. When you approach life with goals that are incongruent with your values, you create confusion and anxiety for your body, your mind, and your life!

Conflicting values and goals can lead to unhappiness, insecurity, stress, depression, and both mental and physical illness. But when you establish goals that are driven by your true values, then you have greater harmony and peace in your life. Read on to discover how you can simplify your life and lead a debt free, simple and abundant lifestyle.

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Here's Just A Sample Of The Topics You'll Find Covered Inside this Must Have Instant Download Digital Ebook
"Debt Elimination - Simply Living Debt Free"

  • Uncovering today's world of materialism
  • How did we get where we are (why do we spend more than we earn)?
  • Simply living (living within our means)
  • Life is a balancing act
  • Your financial goals, values, and priorities
  • Assessing your own life (what do you really want?)
  • Achieving Financial wealth and independence
  • Mental Wealth
  • Physical Wealth
  • Spiritual Wealth
  • The way You think will determine if you create or destroy wealth
  • Letting Your Money Work For You
Healthy Woman

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Possessions have become so important to us that we will go to great lengths to acquire them - and that usually means going into debt. Many people will do whatever it takes for immediate gratification without considering the consequences of tomorrow.

People are so obsessed with materialistic things that they forget what's important in life. If they really stop and take a hard look at their lives, they will probably find that in the process of accumulating possessions, they have forgotten to enjoy their possessions and live life.

They have been too busy figuring out what to buy next and looking at what others have accumulated. Envy, greed and obsession has creasted a world where credit cards and materialism are the norm.

The process of building an arsenal of materialistic possessions takes a toll. It can quickly zap your finances - but more importantly, it can erode your mental, physical and spiritual health sending you on a downward, seemingly uncontrollable spiral that makes you feel overwhelmed and even depressed. The stress and strain of overspending and focussing on 'things' creates an array of ailments for the average person. That translates to mental and physical ailments and sometimes chronic illness.

There is an outrageous desire to spend money just to outwardly demonstrate one is wealthy - or at least, perceived to be wealthy. People want to fit in and that oftern means going beyond their comfort level of spending to do so.


  • Consumers have accumulated more than $2.2 trillion in purchases by using major credit cards in the past year!

  • Credit card debt grew by 315% from 1989 to 2006!

  • Over 80% of college graduates finish school with credit card debt!

  • Debt, like weight gain, often sneaks up on us. The truth is, debt happens one purchase at a time; one decision at a time.

  • Less and Less people are paying credit card bills on time, piling on huge interest and penalties to already soaring debt (no wonder people can't get ahead!)
  • Buying things without having money is easier today than ever before...
  • Beginning the process of living simply, happy and debt free requires that you identify your core values. Keep in mind that values are the things you strive for in life and they should be a beacon of light to you in everything you do.

  • For many people, only a life-changing or catastrophic event can ignite the passion and fire within them. It's unfortunate that so many people travel aimlessly through life because they haven't taken time to align their values and their goals. They aren't willing to make changes until they are forced to make them because of an occurrence in their lives (Like a Massive Credit Crunch!).

  • Wouldn't you rather have control over your own situation rather than wait for debt collectors to knock on your door, or find your job is being eliminated and you have no savings to fall back on, or having a heart attack because you're overweight and unhealthy? If you've lost control over your finances or other areas of your life, you can get it back now. Take charge before it's too late!

What can you do to change your life for the better? - How do you create the life you REALLY want and apply the principle of 'less is more'. That's what we can do for you. Help you see how to become simply happy and debt-free. When you overcome debt, you will feel an enormous burden lifted and you'll simply be happy!

You really can find a place of peace and tranquility by making some simple changes in your life and by assessing your current situation. You can establish goals that are not focussed on money, but focussed on a satisfying life. Freedom is within your reach but you have to grasp it and commit to hold it tight.

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Debt Elimination - Simply Living Debt Free Reveals...

  • The Key Steps to financial independence (page 18)

  • How To Prepare for emergencies while avoiding bad debts (page 20)

  • How To Build wealth by investing intelligently - let your money work for you (page 25)

  • How To align Goals and values to give you a "Wealth Mentality" (page 30)

  • Why you need a positive attitude to make fundamental changes and eliminate crippling debt (page 39)

  • Important Ways to exercise and build spiritual wealth (page 47)


The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from "Debt Elimination - Simply Living Debt Free" but don't think for a split-second that's all it offers.

This ebook is overflowing with empowering information and great tips to help you overcome crippling Debt for good! Get on track so you can live simply and abundantly with peace of mind!

For less than the cost of a good meal at a nice restaurant can you afford not to get your hands on this life saving guide that can help save you from debilitating debt for good.

You'll refer to 'Debt Elimination - Simply Living Debt Free' over and over! It will become your 'bible' for living a Debt Free, Abundant Lifestyle that will give you back your Freedom and let you enjoy Life the way it was meant to.

It's an enlightening, exciting realization to discover that you can control your own destiny.

Don't you think it's time to take control of your future? Start today by grabbing your copy of this Life Transforming guide Right Now!

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