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"What a great ebook. The information about childbirth and pregnancy and worth every cent. I highly recommend this product."
Janelle Morris
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"As a dad of my first new born baby i found that this ebook to be extremely helpful. I didn't know what to expect when it came to the pregnancy stages my wife was going through along with childbirth. It answered a large number of questions and help me understand what my wife was going through. Once I hand downloaded the ebook it was available to me 24hours aday. Once of the best book on the market that covers pregnancy and childbirth."
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"Your Pregnancy Questions Answered!"

"Everything and We Mean EVERYTHING! You Want and Need to Know About Your Pregnancy is Answered Here!"

Re: "Pregnancy From A to Z" - A Complete and Practical Guide To Living through, Preparing for Pregnancy and Child Birth. Tuesday, 6am

Dear Mom To Be,

Firstly - CONGRATULATIONS!! This is a very exciting and somewhat anxious time in your life.

Or perhaps you're not pregnant just yet but have plans ... no doubt you must have dozens of questions that you want answered.

We've got your answers about pregnancy right here!

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Written by a medical professional, “Pregnancy From A to Z” is just what the doctor ordered to answer all those questions you simply must know about.

In fact, it probably has answers to questions you haven't even thought of or asked yet!

“Pregnancy From A to Z” not only discusses the entire aspects of pregnancy, it also sheds light on what you should do before becoming pregnant to insure a healthy and happy child.

What's more is a full chapter discussion about increasing the odds for having a boy or a girl! No guarantees of course, but there are things you can do to sway the odds in your favor.

What we hope you will learn is how to be prepared for what is to come as your pregnancy progresses.

Why should you read “Pregnancy From A to Z?”

Here's What You'll Find in this

Instant Download eBook

"Pregnancy From A to Z"

  • Before Pregnancy and Preparation for Pregnancy

  • Shettles's System - How To Increase The Odds of Having a Boy or Girl in Your Favor

  • Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

  • Diagnosis of Pregnancy: Confirmation with Medical Tests

  • Calculation of Delivery Date

  • Development Stages During Your Pregnancy

  • Changes During Your First Trimester

  • Changes During Your Second Trimester

  • Changes During Your Third Trimester

  • What To Avoid and Which Medications to Use During Pregnancy

  • Effects of Smoking, Alcohol and Illegal Drugs on the Fetus

  • Smoking During Pregnancy

  • Using Illegal Drugs During Pregnancy

  • Sex During Pregnancy

  • Bleeding During Early and Late Pregnancy

  • Self-Help with your Morning Sickness

  • Risk Factor for Fetus Abnormalities: When Investigations are Needed

  • The Use of Anti-D in Pregnancy

  • Group B Streptococcus (GBS) In Pregnancy

  • Your Diet During Pregnancy

  • Explanation of Normal Labour and Caesarean Section

  • Anesthetics Used For Childbirth

  • Evaluation of The Newborn: What does the 'Apgar Score' Mean?

  • Two to Tango: The Father's Role During Pregnancy

  • Birth Choices From Hospital to A Water Birth

  • What Is Ectopic Pregnancy


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All this and more await you in “Pregnancy From A to Z” a definite must have to answer all those burning questions about becoming pregnant.

Not only is the author a medical doctor specializing in women and children's health issues, she is also a wife and mother.

And as if that weren't enough, in addition to traditional medicine she explores the alternative methods as well and incorporates a holistic approach to her practice.

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Timing IS Everything and Your Timing IS PERFECT!

Headache Prevention

Hey, we've released a beautiful new digital e-book called "101 Headache Prevention Tips " and it sells on this site too, under the 'Wellness' category for $17.

This Complete and Practical Guide To Preventing and Curing Painful Headaches once and for all, can make the pain STOP just by following some basic but little known principles.

We would love to give you this limited opportunity to receive the digital e-book "101 Headache Prevention Tips " for FREE - it's our gift to you.

"Discover the Secrets of 101 Headache Prevention Tips PLUS
Discover THE A-Z OF PREGNANCY too!"

Adobe AcrobatMicrosoftApple

THE A-Z OF PREGNANCY is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you'll be able to download it free with your ebook.

Adobe AcrobatMicrosoftApple

101 Head Ache Prevention Tips is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you'll be able to download it free with your ebook.


This e-book is written in an easy to follow chronological fashion so you can read about exactly which stage you are up to, OR you can move ahead or backwards as you please!

It really is the ONLY handbook you will ever need through any of your pregnancies and is such a great reference from before conception right up until after the baby is born.

Who better to teach you than a medical professional who is also a wife and mother?

Grab your copy now for yourself or as the ultimate gift to a friend or loved one for ONLY $17.00!

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Hey, you're an important customer. And if you're not happy, we're not happy either. So if you're not happy with what you discover from "THE A-Z OF PREGNANCY" we do not expect ... or want to keep your money.

Let us know your thoughts and we'll happily arrange a prompt refund. It's the least we can do if you're not happy with your purchase.



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Your Pregnancy will be an exciting and challenging time - it does not need to be an experience you are anxious about!

You simply need to get all the information you can - and this e-book is the way to get the information and the confidence that comes with ALL the Knowledge within!

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