Feeling Freedom - A Guide To Buying Your First Horse

Feeling Freedom - A Guide To Buying Your First Horse
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WARNING!  Do NOT Buy a Horse Until You Read this eBook!!!
"Learn A Step-By-Step Method That Will Finally Allow You To Experience The Unparalleled Joys Of Horse Ownership! "

It's Time to Learn The Right Way to Buy Your First Horse!

Re: Feeling Freedom - A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse, is an in depth look at what you should do before purchasing a horse.
Monday, 7am

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Guide to Buy A Horse - Feeling Freedom

Feeling Freedom: A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse answers all the questions first-time horse buyers want answered!

This insightful ebook gives you the direction and information you need to go from being someone who always wanted to own a horse to the proud and happy owner of a truly magnificent animal!

If you've ever wondered what you need to know and do before investing in a horse or the nuts and bolts of actually finding and purchasing an animal, this is an ebook you simply cannot afford to miss.

Dear Friend,

"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom."

Those are the words of Helen Thomson, and she summarized the magic and appeal of horse ownership perfectly. There is no experience to compare to being on horseback and there is no relationship that can emulate the special bond between a person and a horse.

For centuries, humans and horses worked together on some of humankind's greatest achievements. Today we no longer need to rely on horses for their strength in work or as a mode of transportation.

Nonetheless, we are still magnetically drawn to them. We still feel a need to keep that special relationship in place. You may have wanted your own horse ever since your early childhood dreams of receiving a gift pony!?

The desire to have your own horse may have developed more recently as your appreciation for nature and the outdoors has grown. There are a million different reasons to want to buy a horse, and almost all of them are compelling.

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Here's What You'll Find Inside this
Instant Download Digital Ebook

Feeling Freedom: A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse

  • Who really SHOULD own a horse?

  • Why your first horse purchase should start in the stable instead of at the auction!

  • The value of great instruction & how to find it!

  • Factors that should direct your decision making as you look for a first horse!

  • The true costs of horse ownership!

  • Basic care considerations for your first horse--be prepared to become a horse owner!


The topics listed above should give you a good idea of what to expect from Feeling Freedom: A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse. But don't think for a split-second that's all it offers.

This ebook is overflowing with 'must-know' information and great tips!

You'll learn more about ideas that have already captured your attention and will be introduced to valuable new information, too! From auctions and advertisements to sweet feed and salt, Feeling Freedom: A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse covers the process of buying your first horse like no other resource can!

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Guide To Buying Horse

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You will also be learning all there is to know about buying your first horse with this Audio Gift.

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Black Beauty

What better way to underline your appreciation for horses and than by revisiting this classic novel?

 Black Beauty tells the unforgettable story of a 19th Century English horse subjected to both the best and worst humans could muster.  It's unique voice and characterization sets it apart from any other novel and it remains as fresh and as vibrant today as the day it was written.  

A horse-lovers' favorite, Black Beauty is ALSO yours ABSOLUTELY FREE with the purchase of Feeling Freedom.

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Feeling Freedom - A Guide To Buying Your First Horse is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already on most computers. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you'll be able to download it free with your ebook.

Contains AudioMicrosoftApple

Feeling Freedom Audio Version is delivered in downloadable MP3 format and can be listened to with any compatible MP3 player (ie: Windows Media Player or iTunes)


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Feeling Freedom will provide you with the information you need to make your dreams into reality.

You won't need to wonder "how" or "if" anymore. You will finally have answers and directions that will help you buy your first horse.

Feeling Freedom provides all of the information and perspective necessary to allow you to finally become the horse owner you have always wanted to be.

Knowledge is always power. That certainly holds true for finding the right horse for you. A good resource can help you bring the magic and excitement of a life of horse ownership to you!

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Humans love horses. Horses love humans. There is a symbiosis. Someone once said that while dogs look up to their masters and cats look down upon their owners, a horse will look a man in the eye and treat him as an equal.

Horses are truly special animals. Unfortunately, the dream of horse ownership remains just that for many people - a dream!

They don't know if they can afford a horse. Even if they are certain of their financial abilities, they don't know how to start looking for a horse, the preparations necessary before making a purchase or how to navigate their entrances into the horse world.

Thousands of would-be horse owners have been stymied in their quest for a horse by a lack of information and knowledge.

Get your copy of Feeling Freedom: A Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse NOW!

This is not a little ten-page report filled with a simple list of common horse breeds and a few cute pictures. This is REAL information!

Don't Miss Out! Buy your copy of Feeling Freedom Right Now and you can Instantly Download the Book AND the Free Bonuses and Start Reading Immediately!

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P.S Remember, this ebook covers everything from finding the right stable to how to handle your horse's food and water needs. It is a top-to-bottom look at finding and buying the perfect first horse for you!

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