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Pet Care
Horse Care - Covering ALL The Basics You Must Know
Many people say that after they bought their first horse and spent some time learning about horses and horse care they wouldn’t have been able to imagine a life without horses!

Make sure your horse has the very best of care and you will have a healthy and happy companion!


Slimming Your Pet
Slimming Your Pet - Happy and Healthy Household Pets is the perfect instructional ebook to teach you the best ways to take care of your pet and to determine if your pet indeed has a weight problem that may not be obvious.


Mini Pets - Your Book of Discovery
The dogs and other pets most people select do not always suit or appeal to everyone, especially if you're allergic to pet fur or you live in a small home or you really don't feel that special connection with the "everyday housepet.".

There is a whole wide world of pet options that many people just haven't considered yet. This ebook gives you the information and insights to help you find the right pet for your personality and lifestyle.


The Best Way To Pamper Your Cat!

A Guide To Pamper Your Cat is the perfect ebook to teach you the best and most effective ways to pamper and treat your cat in the best possible fashion!


Feeling Freedom - A Guide To Buying Your First Horse
Buying a horse? Grab this Guide to Purchasing Your First Horse. It answers ALL the questions first-time horse buyers have.


Boxer Dog Secrets
Boxer Dog Secrets - A Complete and Practical Guide on Raising The Perfect Boxer Dog. You'll see your boxer dog becoming happier, healthier, more obedient, and loving in less than 30 days by following this proven step-by-step guide.


Birding For Everyone
Among the fondest and most memorable moments of childhood are the discoveries of songbirds nesting in the backyard. The distinctive, mud-lined nests of robins and their beautiful blue eggs captivate people of all ages. Likewise, the nesting activities of house wrens, cardinals, chickadees, and other common birds can stimulate a lifelong interest in nature. The Birding For Everyone package provides you with the information you need to start a fascinating new hobby that will provides hours of joy for you and your family.


Sit - Stay - Fetch!

Secrets That really Work For Your Dog

How to prevent your dog from destructive attention seeking behaviors. How to get your dog to respond to 'off-leash' commands. What to do to overcome separation anxiety. Selecting the right puppy for you. Stop aggression towards strangers and other dogs. Overcome general disobedience and more..

Download Directly from Author

Dog Food Secrets

We all Love Snacks and so do our Dogs

Unfortunately most owners share their human snacks which leads to canine disease and obesity.

Here's 23 of the best doggy health snacks for your dog (now you never have to sort through them yourself!)

Download Directly from Author

DIY Dog Training

If You Want To Quickly Solve A Behavior Problem Your Dog Has And If You Are FED UP Reading All The Hype And Claims From Many So Called EXPERTS..Then Please Take A Few Minutes To Read What Real Actual Dog Owners Had To Say About This Unique Training Package.

Download Directly from Author

How to Train Your Dog in Just One Evening

Fast-track Dog Training - Just One Evening

Just for trying How To Train Your Dog In One Evening, you'll also receive the following bonuses guides, at no cost whatsoever. And the best part? They are yours to keep, just for trying How To Train Your Dog In One Evening today!

Download Directly from Author

Insiders Guide To A Happy, Healthy, Well Trained Bichon Frise

Learn how to choose your new family member Never choose a Bichon just because "they look cute in the shop window". You want to make the right decision and get loads of information from the owner or breeder of the dog before you buy it.

Download Directly from Author