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Discover and Develop Your Passion!

Do you have a penchant for fun and you're looking for new and exciting things to try?

Learn new skills and get better at what you already do well — and make the most of the limited time you have to be entertained.

Share your love of the things that entertain you by becoming a member of our FREE Entertainment and Hobbies Network.

Also, look at each of the ebooks and audio programs available for instant download that will give you lots of great ideas, insights and information about both  indoor and outdoor entertainment ideas and hobbies.

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Cake Decorating Secrets
While the art of cake decorating is centuries old, the art of cake decorating combines age old traditions with modern trends to bring you the most up-to-date resource for this magical art!


Digital Photography Secrets - Your Complete Guide
Digital Photography Secrets - Your Complete Guide is the perfect ebook to teach how to become knowledgeable and start you on a new hobby in the wonderful world of Digital Photography.


A Guide To Antique Collecting
A Guide To Antique Collecting is the perfect ebook to teach how to become knowledgeable and start you on a new hobby in the wonderful world of antique collecting


Perfecting Your Golf Swing
Perfecting Your Golf Swing covers all the essential techniques you'll need to know to perfect that swing to absolute precision


Feng Shui Decorating: More Than Furniture Placement
Feng Shui decorating: more than furniture placement will teach you how to incorporate Feng Shui into every area of your life - without draining your pocket! You may have heard of Feng Shui; then again maybe you haven't. Either way,if you're looking for more balance and harmony in your life, this guide is for you. We give you the facts - from the ancient art to the modern practice and show you how you can get started immediately!


The Complete Guide To Fly Fishing
The Complete Guide to Fly Fishing is the perfect ebook to help you get started or improve your skills! This is the perfect time to discover why fly fishing has remained one of the world's most popular past times for centuries and will for centuries to come!


Family Fun Easter Activity Collection
The Family Fun Easter Activity Collection. gives you instructions to make mouthwatering dinner recipes such as Easter Roast Lamb with Apple Tartlets, classic Hot Cross Buns and Maple-Glazed Roast Turkey Breast with Cornbread. You will also find easy to make craft ideas for your child as well as puzzles, coloring book pages and games for hours of Easter activities.


101 Tips for Starting In Scrapbooking with Success!
The Most Important Tips for You to Create the Most Beautiful and Memorable Scrapbooks


The Definitive Guide to Metal Plating

Ideal for the home hobby enthusiast and amateur metal plating enthusiast.

If it's Metal-Plating related, this ebook covers it, in excruciating detail. No matter what you need to know about metal plating, this book will tell you!

Download Directly from Author

Turn Your Love of Making Handcrafted Jewelry in to a Business Selling at Shows, Fairs and Festivals

You're about to learn every success tip, strategy, and secret I've discovered over the past several years of selling my handcrafted jewelry at shows.

There are hundreds of things you can do to make a tremendous difference in your income making and selling jewelry at shows, fairs, and festivals.

Download Directly from Author

D-I-Y Battery Reconditioning

The Complete Battery Reconditioning Report solves the problem of pre-mature dead batteries and increases the life span of the battery up to 5 times.

In addition to this in depth guide you will also receive a lifetime of updates. Anytime there are any updates we will notify you via email. We may discover techniques that we're not aware of yet. But if this is the case, the author will let you know months and years down the road.

Download Directly from Author

Unleash the Author Within - Learn How Write Your Very Own Novel!

At last, an easy to use, and highly credible software program that will quickly help you start – and finish writing your very own novel.

You know you've always wanted to do it, now this clever software program will help you to do it.

Download Directly from Author

My Grape Vine - The Complete Grape Growers Guide

How You Can Make the Perfect Wines and Spirits At Home

In this beefy 68 page e-book, packed-to-the brim manual, filled with real photographs and easy readable instructions, you'll discover ALL of the secret techniques, not even my neighbor farmers know. These techniques will blow your mind and have your grape growing friends scrambling, biting your dust.

Download Directly from Author

Quick Resizer

Sick of Resizing Digital Photos?

With all the digital photos that you capture using your digital camera, don't you wish there was a quicker way of resizing them with a click of the mouse before you upload them to a server or email them to your friends or relatives?

Download Directly from Author

The Magicians Levitation Trick

The only close up levitation trick made for street magic! Imagine being able to levitate any playing card, borrowed paper currency or even a borrowed credit card at the spur of the moment. The Magician's Levitation enables you to do exactly that! Levitation at anytime, anyplace. Even in the streets!

Download Directly from Author