Raising Families

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Raising Families
Parenting - Eliminating the Stress
Whether you work outside the home or from within your home, if you're a parent, you're BUSY! Wouldn't you like to go to sleep at night knowing you've accomplished everything you set out to do that day?


How To Study More Effectively
Learn the Techniques and Focus of Learning with "How To Study More Effectively" Every student should be given the knowledge of Study, not just the knowledge of what they are studying!


Dads All-Purpose Guide To Parenting
Dads: Finally A Guide Made For You! This is an amazing ebook detailing the nuances of fatherhood. Included in this ebook are proven strategies to help you be a great father and help your child achieve his or her potential.


529 College Savings Plans Exposed
529 College Savings Plans Exposed Reveals The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly In Easy To Understand Layman's Terms! Exposes Everything Your Broker Should Tell You So You'll Be Awakened – BEFORE You Get Taken!


Improve Your Credit Score
Improve Your Credit Score - A Compete and Practical Guide To Improving Your Poor Credit Score. With "101 Legitimate Tips For Boosting Your Credit Score," I'll teach you exactly how the credit bureau's do their business. You will gain practical insights and tips on how to Improve and Repair Your Credit Rating Immediately.


The Genealogy Guide
Beginning your journey back in time with the knowledge you need to do it right will make the process easier and more enjoyable. Once you have read The Genealogy Guide you will be able to research your families history like a professional.


How To Set Up A Family Budget
Families all over are enslaved by their debt racked up over the years. The burden is immense. You don't want anyone to know you're having a hard time making ends meet – especially any kids that might be involved. How can you stop the seemingly endless cycle? How can you change the way you think about money? And discover financial discipline? Let me tell you, it's not too late with my tell-all guide…


Secrets to Successful Home Schooling
You Don't Have To Be A PHD (Or Even A College Graduate) to Teach Your Child In Home School!


The Learn and Grow Together Collection for Every Caring Parent
All children have two wonderful resources for learning -- imagination and curiosity. As a parent, you can awaken your children to the joy of learning by encouraging their imagination and curiosity.


The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide 2007

See How Easily You Can Have A Disney World Vacation For A Fraction Of What Others Pay, You Certainly Don't Need to be Rich!

Download Directly from Author

Daycare Starter Kit

Start Your Own Daycare Business!

"I Quit My Job to Stay at Home with My Children AND Now I Make More Money! You will be able to say this too by starting your own fun, profitable daycare business."

Download Directly from Author

Child Anger Revealed

"Who Else Wants To Find Out Why They Often Failed So Miserably To Handle Their Aggressive Child's Behavior?"

"Are You Ready To Learn The Little-Known Methods How An Ordinary Mom Taught Her Aggressive Child All About Anger Management?"

Download Directly from Author

Making Math More Fun

If you want to discover the secret to making MATH outrageously EASY and outrageously FUN for children... don't read anything until you read this Every child deserves to be successful and confident in Math. And now you can be the one to give children the success and confidence that they deserve - guaranteed.

Download Directly from Author

6 Day Spanish Course

Who Wants to Learn to Speak Spanish Confidently and Naturally?

THEN take all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of YOUR practice time with this EXPLOSIVE interactive Spanish learning package!

Download Directly from Author

Rocket Languages - French

Who Wants to Learn to Speak French Confidently and Fluently in the Shortest Possible Time?

Have you learned French before and want a fun refresher course? Or, perhaps you just have an interest in learning the language of love!

Download Directly from Author

Covert Tactics for Getting Into the Law School of Your Choice

So, are you ready to discover the secrets that this year's most successful law school applicants are already using against you? How an Average Guy from an Average College with Mediocre Grades and LSAT Scores got Accepted into All 11 of the Law Schools Where he Applied!

Download Directly from Author