The Coffee Club Culture

The Coffee Club Culture
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An Adventure in Coffee and Tea Appreciation You Can Use At Home and When You're Out!

Learn The Tricks, Tips And Hints To Improve Your Coffee Experience Today!

Re: "The Coffee Club Culture"
Tuesday, 9am

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The Coffee Club Culture Instant Download eBook + FREE BONUS Audio Program

The Coffee Club Culture is a rocket-fast way to improve the quality of your life.

You can add another taste dimension to each and every day with the information contained in Coffee Culture.

Treat your taste buds, satisfy your curiosity and find fantastic information with Coffee Culture.

The Coffee Club Culture is perfect reading material for every fan of coffee and tea.

It's a steaming cup of mouth-watering information that will satisfy everyone from the first time sipper to the veteran "pot a day" drinker.

The Coffee Club Culture covers all of the ins and outs of coffee and tea.

Dear Friend,

Everyone loves tea and coffee. Tea and coffee are cultural traditions for many of us. The Japanese have their tea rituals. The British are known for their love of tea. In the Southern USA, tea is served cold with plenty of sugar. Coffee is a critical component of countless morning routines and evening periods of relaxation. The Turks, the Italians and even the ubiquitous Starbucks on every corner serve up coffee by the gallon.

It's been that way for well over a thousand years. Tea goes back to the beginning of known human history and you can find records of coffee in the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt.

You'd think that by now most of us would be able to really enjoy a perfect cup of our favorite beverage.

After a thousand years, you'd guess that we'd know everything we needed to brew a perfect pot of coffee or to make a truly satisfying cup of tea.

Somewhere between the experiences of our ancestors and Mr. Coffee, however, we seem to have lost our way.

Our coffee is too strong. Our tea is watery and dull. We don't know which coffee varietal to choose to make a perfect "cup o' Joe." We delude ourselves into thinking everything ground up and stuffed into a can on a supermarket shelf is "good enough." We learn how to order "venti triple-mocha skinny lattes" and don't realize that we're trading the superficial satisfaction of sugar when we might be enjoying the rich, hearty flavor of great coffee.

We love tea and coffee. The amazing thing is that we do a lousy job of making it. Imagine just how spectacular it could be if we actually did things the RIGHT way?

If you like coffee or tea now, you'll love it once you know the insider secrets, tips and hints in The Coffee Club Culture.

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Here’s Just A Sample Of The Topics You'll Find Covered Inside this Instant Download Digital Ebook
"The Coffee Club Culture"

  • Coffee Varietals

  • To Brew, or Not to Brew

  • How to Be a Savvy Bean Counter

  • Coffee and Tea Condiments

  • Coffee and Tea Gift Ideas

  • Coffee Trivia

  • Coffee Break Games

  • Coffee Lingo

Coffee Mug

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The Coffee Club Culture reveals...

  • Absolutely irresistible coffee and tea drink recipes.

  • Reviews of the best and worst available coffee makers.

  • The answer to the centuries-old question: To brew or not to brew?

  • Essential coffee and tea information. Don't take another sip before you read it!

  • Fun looks at the language of coffee, coffee trivia and games.

  • Everything you need to "read the leaves" or to become an expert coffee "bean counter."


That's just the beginning. Coffee Culture isn't a small pamphlet-sized collection of well-known, dry facts, Written in an engaging style and stuffed with fascinating information, Coffee Culture is a one-of-a-king guide to the world's most popular beverages. You can dig up plenty of information on coffee and tea, but you can't find anything like Coffee Culture. It's a winner.

This ebook is overflowing with awesome information and great tips!

You'll learn everything you need to know about how to take care of yourself the old fashioned way along with plenty of ways to take advantage of technological advances when it comes to your special healthcare needs!

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